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FECUND-PROLIFIC Final Conference

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FECUND-PROLIFIC Final Conference

ESDAR 2016 Satellite Workshop 30-October-2016

Innovations to improve dairy cow fertility


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Organizing Committee

From PROLIFIC: Joëlle Dupont, INRA (France), Juan Pena, CONAFE (Spain), Elodie Tan, IT (France)

 From FECUND: Pat Lonergan, UCD (Ireland), Claudio Nicoletti, PTP (Italy), Miriam van Straten and Cagla Kaya, EFFAB (The Netherlands)


8:30     Introduction for PROLIFIC  Joëlle Dupont, PROLIFIC Coordinator   

             Introduction for FECUND  Filippo Biscarini, FECUND Coordinator

8:45      Horizon 2020: Opportunities for Animal Health Research and Innovation

             Razvan Anistoroaei - DG Research and Innovation, European COMMISSION  

9:00      Dairy cow fertility worldwide: Current status and future perspectives.             

             Matthew Lucy - University of Missouri, US. INVITED SPEAKER                                 

9:45      Advanced endoscopic techniques for the study of reproductive biology in dairy cows.

             Urban Besenfelder - University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. FECUND              

10:15    Impact of metabolic status on proteomic composition of oviduct fluid

             Georg Arnold - LMU Gene Center, Munich. FECUND               

10:45     Maternal environmental effects on the oviduct and early embryo development.

             Yann Locatelli - Institut National de la Recherche Agonomique, Tours. FECUND 

11:30     Lactational induced effects on the conceptus and endometrial transcriptome

              Niamh Forde - University of Leeds, Leeds. FECUND         

12:00     Impact of metabolic imbalance and pro-inflammatory agents on molecular profiles in fat and reproductive tissues.

              Patrice Humblot – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala. PROLIFIC 

12:30     Nutritional and breed effects on indicator of reproductive performance in dairy cows

              Stephen Butler – Teagasc, Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Cor. PROLIFIC   

14:00    The application of bioinformatics and biostatistics to dairy cattle fertility

              Filippo Biscarini - Parco Technologico Padano, Lodi. FECUND                                  

14:30     Benefit of genomic and progesterone information in genetic improvement of dairy cattle fertility.

              Eileen Wall – Scotland’s Rural College, Midlothian. PROLIFIC               

15:00     Modelling the reproductive function to identify candidate mechanisms involved in subfertility in dairy cows

              Pierre Blavy – Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, AgroParisTech MoSAR, Paris. PROLIFIC                  

15:45     A user-friendly simulation tool to test the effects of changes in reproductive management on the reproductive

              performance of a dairy herd   Marjolein Derks – University of Utrecht, Utrecht.  PROLIFIC 

16:15     General discussion.

Moderator: Matthew Lucy - University of Missouri, US.